The myths, realities and challenges in celebrities’ marital relationships

Myth, reality and challenges about celebrity marriage
Myth, reality and challenges about celebrity marriage
Myth, reality and challenges about celebrity marriage

Celebrity marital relationships are certainly away from the common marriages. They follow certain rules and yet they don’t follow those of common marital bonds.

Some of the common myths and realities against them are mentioned below:

  • The bond is monogamous: there would be rarely a celebrity marriage wherein the partner would not get involved with someone else. In most of the cases you would see them going around with someone other than he spouse.
  • The children are looked after well: many would think that as because celebrities have a lot of money to spend, probably they provide the best of everything to their kids. However, the reality is that these children are brought up by caregivers for most of the time. They wake up after their parents are out for work and they sleep before their parents could come back home. So, there is availability of more than enough resources but there is a lack of parental touch.
  • Celebrity children are humble: They would have been humble but they don’t get the right kind of parenting in most of the cases. Parents themselves are off to work and hold a busy schedule to the extent that they have to set a reminder to wish their own child. Therefore, there is void in bringing the kids up leading to a loss of humble attitude.
  • Celebrity marriages end with a silent negotiation: there is barely any example of a celebrity marriage ending without catching any attention from the media. The news is all around when a celebrity marriage gets over.
  • No Alimony is talked about: In spite of the wife being rich and resourceful, you would rarely hear a case where a celebrity does not ask for any alimony. In fact the biggest of the negotiations are the samples from one such celebrity or the other.

The challenges of celebrity marriage

  • Lack of availability: Both the spouses are not available to each other even in if there is an urgent need. It becomes difficult to communicate with the partner even when one desperately wants to.
  • Lack of privacy: They say that celebrity life is like a fish bowl wherein nothing remains hidden or private. Similarly, the moves of a celebrity life are watched and tracked by the world, especially the media. And this is precisely the reason even when a couple wants to keep the marital happenings a secret affair; they are not given an opportunity to do so.
  • Too busy schedule: Their lives are so difficult that they can’t visit an ailing spouse when they want because they have a commitment made prior to this mishap.

Celebrity marriages are always spoken about at every juncture. Even if they wish to keep their lives private they are not allowed by the world. Everyone is too keen to know about them and there are businesses running out of the gossip coming from the celebrity world. There are myths, realities and challenges galore associated with their marriages.