The Reality of making children participate in “Reality Shows”

Children participating in Reality Shows
Children participating in Reality Shows

Reality shows are a big hit on the Television these days. There are programs for people of all age range. Some of these programs are make the children participate.

Some strongly recommend such participation of children whereas some are strongly against these.

There are reasons for having a supportive attitude and also for not being supportive about this concept.

Those who favor such participation has following thoughts to express-

  • In today’s world where there is too much of edging competition, the children have to be prepared for a rather more challenging tomorrow.
  • The days to come will not be as soft as they were before. Hence the children have to be raised with toughness so that the hardships do not affect them much.
  • Since the adolescent has advanced by a few years, if not biologically but emotionally hence there is no harm in making the children participate in such live shows.
  • Children get an excellent exposure to become independent, understand people and act accordingly.
  • Mostly on these shows they get rigorous training from renowned and established personalities thereby giving them an opportunity to learn the best of the “tricks ’ of a desired field.
  • Since parents interference is almost nil so the children can learn to interact with people around in a better way hence making their “inter personal skills” quite matured.

Those who do not support the participation put forward the following logic

  • Children are away from their home and formal school for quite a long time which parts them from the basic day to day experiences.
  • Children become too professional for their age and learn the tricks earlier than the desired age, which takes away the innocence from them.
  • In the name of childhood memories they would have only the “training sessions” they undergo.
  • Missing the attention and care from the parents is a matter of concern too.
  • They become more matured than required and hence are exposed to the “bitter experiences” of life.
  • The training sessions and rehearsals take a toll on their health both physical and mental.
  • The experience of losing leaves these children with the trailing memories which might become a nightmare.

Participation of children largely depends upon the ambition of the parents. There are some who have gifted children but some force their children to behave like one.

The impact of such participations can never be analysed in isolation, rather the approach has to be a broader one.