The story of changing attitude towards Marriage

Live In Couple
Live In Couple

Till a few decades back, the concept of marriage was absolutely different from what it is today.The Timeline in the past

There was a time when people used to make a timeline for their lives. They thought of studying, first, taking up a good job to sustain themselves and their families and then getting married. After this, the family was planned and they would be thinking of having children and would have them according to their wish.

The Timeline in the present

Now, with advancement in all the spheres of life, probably the concept of marital relationship and its associated events have also changed.

These days, getting married has nothing to do with “getting intimate” or establishing a physical term with a person. In fact, having children is nowhere related to getting legally wedded to a person.

To be more precise, hospitals and nursing homes are filled with mothers who are unmarried are into a “live in relationship”.

The probable causes behind the change

Youngsters who consider they to be “modern” are not ready to commit till the time they are sure. Hence, they prefer to be in a “live in relationship” who gives them enough room to be independent yet allow them to enjoy their partnership.

They might have seen their older generations who had to pay a huge price and waste a chunk of their lives merely they got married to the “wrong person” and couldn’t come out of it mostly due to social stigma. They are in mood to repeat the same mistake.

How is it impacting the social structure?

The changes on one hand give enough liberty to the youngsters to have a choice of their own, but, the deterioration in the social structure cannot be ignored.

As because, people are free to move out a relationship whenever they want to, the effort to make things better is dying gradually.

In the absence so commitment, they are not sure of their lives and themselves in the future to come. In such a scenario the future of the child also could be at stake as he is not too sure of his own parents’ future.

Hence, the modern scenario may provide independence to the couples, but, the bond which holds the family together is somewhere getting lost.