Tips for becoming a Trophy Wife


becoming a trophy wifeEssentials of a trophy wife:

A trophy wife is always a beautiful, successful woman who often gets married to a man who is senior to her.

A trophy wife is not always the first wife a man marries. It is often termed as a status symbol. A trophy wife is normally young, hot and attractive. She has to be physically attractive to that extent that men swallow with their eyes. Her style, behavior, looks, sense of dressing, hair style, etc. attract any normal person.

Men like to have the honor of being married to an expensive prized woman which is termed as a trophy wife.

Often creates a negative impact:

A trophy wife often creates a negative impression in the mind of people. It has always a negative image associated with it. Upon hearing the term “trophy wife” people draw the image of a greedy woman throwing her arm around a typically older man. But it is not always so.

However a man who manages to have a trophy wife is always considered as a successful person.

Tips to become a trophy wife:

The following tips are very helpful for the purpose of becoming a trophy wife.

  1. Be at your best – Many trophy wives are successful in their personal fields, whereas others get success only with their famous husbands. The essential factor for all trophy wives is that they all look gorgeous. To attract rich men you have to be at your best. So you have to invest all your energy as well as a huge sum for your appearance which is your most precious tool for attracting men.
  2. Maintain your statistics – Maintain your body and statistics. However this does not mean that you have to reduce yourself to size zero but you require maintaining attractive figure which will suit any attractive dress.
  3. Be educated – Today most of the men are looking for an intellectual woman having both beauty and brain. If you drop out of high school and concentrate on your looks to pass your life, you are wrong. Get at least a graduate degree to impress a man.
  4. Dress properly – A proper sense of dressing is very necessary. Wear a dress which you can carry. A nice hair style is also a point to remember and of course do not forget to put on the right kind of jewellery and high heel shoes.
  5.   Check your age – Age is an important factor in case of a trophy wife. Rich and old men do not prefer women of their age group. At the age of 50 you cannot expect men to throng around you. So you have to be at least below 35 years to be a successful trophy wife.
  6. Behave well- A trophy wife should know how to behave. Learning the basic etiquette is an ingredient to attract people. Good looks and bad behavior does not attract men.