Basics for healthy married life

Happily married life

3rd October: Having the bliss of a healthy and a happy married life is what all of us look forward to.

And healthy marital relations are key to a happy life.

So, let us see what it really takes to enjoy a happily married life.

Vital tips for building a successful and a healthy marriage that lasts long—

Communication—Communication is indispensable to a healthy and a strong married life. Direct and honest communication strengthens the bond of love between couples in a marriage. And couples understanding the role of effective communication i.e.—listening to your partner and expressing your thoughts positively- can enjoy happy marriage relations for long term.

Happily married lifeCommitment—Remember, every relationship, including marriage, requires not only time but sincere efforts to grow and prosper. Hence, you must focus on sparing sufficient amount of quality time to be spent together while arranging your respective daily schedules accordingly.

Physical intimacy—Our life becomes lonely and stale without physical contact. Several researches have, for long, emphasized on the significance of loving touch since its gives a fillip to oxytocin levels in our bodies. Hence, simple loving gestures like kissing, fondling, hugging and holding hands are needed to keep our married relations up and going.

Give and take—In a married relationship, we need to understand the need of ‘give and take’ if we want the relationship to last longer. That’s because successful and healthy married relationships are based on the foundation of compromise. It includes finding out what is vital for your partner. In the same way, recognition of your own feelings and desires is equally important to be acknowledged by your partner as well.

Appreciate—Never hesitate to express appreciation for your partner. Make him/her feel appreciated. It can be thanking your partner for small yet important work done by your partner like cleaning home, help in dinner and arranging bed for kids etc.

Humor—Humor and laughter can help in keeping the spark alive in any married relationship. And it also helps in keeping life’s tensions and worries at a bay. Have fun, laugh together to come out winning in difficult times of life.

Forgive—To err is human and to forgive is divine. So, learn to forgive your partner for his or her mistakes. It can become possible if you work towards practicing forgiveness.