Tips to keep your spouse happy

Happy spouse

21st December: A happy spouse means a happy home and vice versa.

But the issue is how to make and keep a spouse stay happy. Well, it needs time as well as efforts.

Happy spouseLet’s see some vital and useful tips to keep a spouse happy—

  • In a marriage, husband and wife are not two persons but a married couple. So, once you know and accept this fact, half of the problems will disappear.
  • You need to know the needs and demands of your spouse. You can always ask your spouse about these.
  • Earn faith and trust of your spouse. If he/she feels the need to share views, you should be the first person to give time and support to him/her during the hour of the crisis(or need).
  • Everyone needs some time off to inculcate his or her hobbies or personal interests. So, as a spouse, you need to be wary of this important fact and allow some time to help your spouse enjoy the time in a way he/she wants. This is vital to keep the relationship healthy and your spouse happy.
  • Make sure to go out on dating with your spouse. Getting married does not mean you cannot go out and enjoy your spouse’s company. So, whether its going out for a movie or just hanging out, you need to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Become your spouse’s best friend to win his/her heart. This can be easily done by pursuing things that interest both of you. Just make sure that it is you and your spouse, both of you, who spend some time together on your common interests like gardening, playing your favorite game or having a walk. You can plan when your kids are out.
  • Confessing your love for your spouse is indispensable to win your spouse’s heart. No doubt, your spouse knows that you love him/her. But, confession of love can add a spark to your love life.
  • Give priority to your spouse whether its your family, your job, friends or whatever. And whenever you take any decision, it must be a mutual decision since it can help a lot in making your spouse not just happy but your married partner forever.