To be happy, winning the race is the only option


Patch-ups and break-ups are part and parcel every relationship. Reasons of breakup could be many including lying and infidelity but the happiness after break up has a meaning these days and it lies in the fact that how fast the lives of ex lovers converge.

Getting hooked the first wins!

The most successful way to overcome the brunt of relationship breakup is how fast you succeed in finding new love. Getting hooked faster than your ex not only gives a kick start to happy life but also instils in you the winning satisfaction, however, the surety of being successful in the new phase could not be guaranteed.No matter how good the compatibility and intimacy of you both was at the time of the live-in relationship, but present is the harsh reality of break up and a break-up in a manner that no relationship counselling could ever mend it.

Being face to face

After the break up, there could be situation when you are in face to face with your ex. That point of time turns out to be more devastating and embarrassing if you get to know that your ex is the first one to move on in to new life and the effect could be more catastrophic when the new family bonding is the one which he wants to cherish for a lifetime. It is clear that no one can predict that whoare they going to meet, but yes by being the first to move on is a way to claim all the happiness.

Yes, it’s a Game!

This type of behaviour has increased among the exes in the recent years, has the turned the after breakup phase in to the game of exes, or rather more precisely in to an emotional war. However, the point of being happy with such a cause is baseless, it gives happiness but indeed it’s shallow and confined only to the boundaries of making your ex jealous.

Living this short lived happiness, has no positives except for seeing the expression on the face of your ex as soon as he comes to know about your new love; a grim on your face when you want to teach them dating tips. However, true happiness lies in the point when you actually find true love, when you are actually able to distinguish whether your interpersonal relationship is because of love or lust.

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