Transition gap from divorce to new relationship


Making and breaking are part and parcel of an interpersonal relationship but when it comes to marriage, the divorce in most of the cases comes from long years of physical and emotional abuse. It involves going through the famous five stages of grief–denial.  Such a marriage could be summarized as an unhealthy relationship, where the last years are full of giving another chance and finally seeking help from relationship counseling.

Forgiveness is the key to forget

The outcome of such a marriage is an obvious divorce, but to forgive is important not only for the other person, but also for self contentment. Forgiveness also gives way to coming back and starting life afresh. The after effect is a cool mind with happiness and a fresh ray of hope for someone to enter your life who readily understands the conscience of love or lust and falls for you truly on the basis of love, the one whose compatibility and intimacy with you is natural in all respects.

The question

But the question to ponder over here is that what is the duration of the transition phase from divorce to new found love? The answer to the question gets even more complex, if dealt in situation where you have dependent children, in such cases the new relationship must enforce the idea of strong family bonding so that the children inculcate these values inside of themselves.

Be of optimistic nature

Rebuilding trust in self and in the concept of healthy relationship is the first and foremost requirement before allowing love to renter you life, other things like dating tips and parenting advice follow after that. But before talking about the appropriate time to start a new relationship, coming out of a relationship full of abuse is itself a reason to rejoice.

Break off from such a pathetic relationship, truly gives you the authority to guide your life in a way you want to. The person who choices to cherish the freedom that has been regained and be happy and optimistic about the events that would follow through the new lease of life rather than falling prey to mental illness and depression is the one who can lead their life in the most constructive manner.

Cheering through your new life is your right, but giving yourself time is also important. No doubt, new dates and likeness would follow, but nothing should be born out of hurriedness. Some people get back in another relationship faster than others , but all dating options should be explored while considering self as single and given ample amount of time to grow, for the same reason that ripe fruits taste awesome.

Break free from a dead marriage and find someone who would love you the way you are!!!