Try Giving Space, It does Wonders

Importance of Space in Marriage
Importance of Space in Marriage
Importance of Space in Marriage

What is marriage?  Where on one side the unmarried bachelors and bachelorettes’ wonder the concept of this bond, the already married ones don’t wonder any less! The only difference is that some couples even after marriage wonder how to make their partner happy.

Understanding what marriage is sounds an extremely difficult task. Surely for all it is love, but along with love some people term marriage to be happiness, freedom, loyalty, growth and what not. But is that the case universally? Well, no! Most couples face a tough time adapting to their married life and the main reason behind it stands the lack of space!

‘Space’, this word might sound foolish to some and against the system to others but the reality in bold letters says that couples who value each other’s space stay happier and more peaceful. Space, as it is usually thought is not about parting ways or standing in opposite directions, it has much more to it. Much more positive and much more that couples need to know.

Giving the required space to your spouse does in no way give rise to cheating or mistrust. It rather helps foster the individual growth of your spouse. Similarly, letting your husband go out for a drink and a football match with his mates or letting your wife have a gala time with her friends is not influencing the marriage in a bad way but giving you both more to share.

Frustration dwells and grows in any human being when his/her individuality is questioned, suppressed and left unacknowledged. And many couples go through this feeling very often after marriage. Not being able to voice opinions, not being considered capable enough to take decision and all of this directly points out towards a great level of misunderstanding between the couple which is a result of not giving the required space.

Interacting with old friends and getting out of the sometimes suffocating cocoon of marriage brings a sigh of refreshment to the relationship.  Giving some freedom and allowing your spouse to be responsible helps build greater trust and in this case the husband and wife don’t just resort to an adjustment in the name of marriage but enjoy being with each other and sharing that ‘oh so special’ affection.