Turn your spouse into your best friend: This is the key to happy marriage

Turning spouse into best freind
Turning spouse into best freind
Turning spouse into best friend

When you started your relationship with this woman or man who is your spouse now, you must have done it with a note of friendship. With time has this friendship got covered with other factors in life? Do you look for a friend in spite of your spouse being with you?

If so, then read the following to get a few tips of revival:

  • Call her/him up regularly: Don’t forget to give you’re sues a call even if both of you are too busy to take or make a call. Make sure that you are in regular touch with your spouse and you know even the smallest possible details about your loved one.
  • Give surprises: has it been too long when you gave a surprise to your partner? If so, then don’t forget to buy a small gift and put in the car before he or she sits in to move to the office. You can also think of sending flowers to your spouse in the office with a love note so that it brings a smile on his or her face.
  • Dress up well: Make sure that you are not in a shabby state before your spouse comes back from office. Even if your marriage is pretty old, you must make sure that your spouse gets a fresh feeling when he or she sees you.
  • Make love regularly: Even if you are too busy with life, make sure that there is a healthy love relationship between the two of you. Ensure that there is no long gap in making love with your spouse. This is the time when you establish a healthy bond with your loved one, both physically and mentally one.
  • Don’t hide: Never try to hide things that could hurt your partner. If you hide today, he or she will come to know about it tomorrow and then you will develop a sour relationship.
  • Don’t give more importance to someone else: Sometimes, you start giving more importance to others in life, which could be your children, your parents and hat is where the problem begins from. If the same is done to you, there will be a pain developing in your heart too, so never a give a scope of any negative feeling to grow.
  • Support your spouse: Support your spouse the way you would have to your friend, if you want to be a true friend.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with your spouse could make life easier for you because you will not have to hunt for another friend in life. This friend cum spouse would more reliable, easily available and easier to handle than any other friend in life. This would also strengthen your marriage. After all, who does not want to know everything about his or her partner and be the most important figure in his or her life? All you need to do is to be a little open minded and change your approach.