TV romances risk hurting your relationship

Romances on TV

28th September: Tuning to watch a TV romance could put your relationship into a big trouble.

This has been revealed by a recent study.

A couple’s romantic life may be jeopardized due to watching TV romances, the study reiterates.

Romantic TV shows deadly for your relationship—According to findings of a recent study undertaken by Dr. Jeremy Osborn, a psychologist and the lead researcher of the study, watching a romantic show on TV can lead to lower your commitment towards your relationship.

Albion College, Michigan’s study states that if you believe in TV romances, you need to be wary.

Romances on TVSpeaking about the issue, Dr. Osborn said that it all simply depends on how realistic are the expectations of anyone towards his or her partner.

The study is based on 390 married couples forming part of the survey questionnaire. The queries in the survey were related to factors like television habits and their satisfaction levels with regard to their present relationship, expectations from the relationship, and commitment for the relationship.

Watching more TV romances means less commitment—Watching more romances on TV has a direct relationship with less commitment towards your spouse or partner, states the study by Albion College.

That’s due to the fact that while media and the web seem to have a significantly higher impact on our lives, says Dr. Osborn, professor of communication studies at Albion College, Michigan(US).

And hence, as a result of greater exposure to media, our relationships get affected while we simply remain ignorant of this important fact, asserts Osborn.

And it also means such people found thoughts of being single as more attractive choices rather than being with their spouse, the findings maintain. That’s because it appeared to them that being in a real relationship was snatching their personal freedom as well as time that they could have spent alone.

Titled ‘When TV and Marriage Meet: A Social Exchange Analysis of the Impact of Television Viewing on Marital Satisfaction and Commitment’, the article appearing in this year’s September issue of Mass Communication and Society has led to curiosity and interest in the media.

Media’s interest in the study findings is exciting for me and the Albion College, admits Dr. Osborn.

Aim of the study, according to Osborn, is to help people read this and analyze their own relationships as well as of people around them.