Unconditional love could be the key to a healthy married life

Unconditional Love

When we love the nature around us or even the pet we have at home, we don’t expect them to come up with a return. And this love is probably eternal wherein we are ought to “give” without expecting any “take”.

The equation of a relationship

When we love our child who is a toddler, very few of us would actually count the dresses and the expenditure made on milk or any other eatable needed for the child. We just do what is good for the child without calculating the retunes we may or May not get years later.

However, when it comes to our “marital bond”, many a times it is observed that people start with a string note, but somewhere the calculation begins. The calculation is rarely in terms of money, but mostly in terms of emotions returns.

The theory of unconditional love

Unconditional Love

A marital relationship starts rocking only when the spouses either one or both of them start equating the Left hand Side and right Hand Side of “Give and Take”.

Even if most of the relationships are initiated with a strong commitment of give and give, in due course of time people get judgemental and start evaluating the benefits out of the marital bond.

On the other hand, if the love given to the spouse remains “unconditional” it pays in the long run.

The pay back of “unconditional love”

When you are dedicating yourself to a relationship and specially the one like a marital one, you will feel a string sense of satisfaction. This is one bond wherein the “soul” matters a lot. And, an unconditional love is always enriching for your soul. It will keep your conscience clear and tomorrow even if the relationship goes through a disaster, you would be strong in your heart and clear in your conscience about the complete involvement and dedication rom your end.

Even though it is difficult to love someone unconditionally but it is surely not impossible. You can save your relationship till your last breath if you don’t allow conditions to dominate your life and especially your “bond”. Even if you don’t get reciprocated by your partner, sooner or later, there will definitely be a turn around and you will find yourself as well as your bond in a respectful position than many others around you.