Want to improve your relationship? Make time for your friends


Want to improve your relationship? Make time for your friends

20th April: Do you want to improve your relationship?

Then it is time you start making time for your friends. Yes, that’s quite true.

There are several reasons why you should not forget about friends while you are in a relationship.

Maket time for your friends to improve relationship Make time for your friends to improve your relationship—Are you desirous of improving your relationship? Then you must make time for your friends. This has been stated by a recent survey. When you are in a relationship, its vital to make time for your friends. This is good for your personal health and also for the health of your relationship.

The importance of ‘girl time’ when being in a relationship has been clearly stressed by this Palm Breeze Girl Time survey. It says that nurturing female friendships help in improving our mental health. Moreover, they improve emotional and sexual facets of our relationships.

<blockquote> Making time for friends help in improving our relationship in several ways. </blockquote>

  • Friends improve our mood, which improves sex drive—We get happiness and relief by fostering friendships. It has a positive effect on multiple aspects of our live. We must take time to nurture friendships. It acts as a stress-reliever and a big marker of self-care.
  • Friends help in relieving anxiety—Talking to our friends about the matters we don’t share with anyone else helps in relieving anxiety. Friends provide us with suggestions and advice that none other person can provide.
  • Friends help you remember you were before the relationship—Friends help you not forget who you were before your relationship. After marriage, there is a loss of an identity for a woman. Hanging out with your friends means that you still can indulge in activities that were once your priority. It helps in making you a happier person.
  • Friendship is sacred—A good partner must and will understand that friendship is sacred. Are you seeing your friends often or as you would like to? No? Well, you need to discuss this with your partner. Getting a good response from your partner will make your relationship healthy.
  • Making time for your friends benefits you—Your routine undergoes a change after you enter into a relationship. You have several responsibilities and a new person in your life. But still, you need to make time for your female friends. You need to be creative in doing so.
  • Friendship is good relationship practice—Friendship is, undoubtedly, a good relationship practice. You are intimate on a different level although. But still, its being about trust, faith, vulnerable, sorting out problems and much more. So, remember that friendships are a good relationship practice.