“War of Divorce” between Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders

Divorce of Deiona and Pilar Sanders
Divorce of Deiona and Pilar Sanders

The “war” between Deion and Pilar is no more a secret. The world is aware of the turmoil going on between the ex-partner. The “Divorce Drama” is a public issue now.

Pilar accuses the man of using the couple’s divorce and the battle of custody over their three children to revitalize his public image. He is the same man who was known as “Primetime” in his NFL days.

Pilar also claims that “Deion is doing everything to catch media’s attention.” She also says, “He is a legend and he will always be a legend in what he’s accomplished on the field, but he’s not relevant to today’s world.”

There was reportedly a dispute between the coupled on April 23 that ended with Pillar held in jail overnight on the grounds of “misdemeanor assault.”

Deion tweeted that Pilar had attacked him and then he had posted a picture of two sons belonging to them, he had filled police reports too.

Deion says, I can’t be alleged the guy that’s lost his mind. That’s not who I am or what I am. I’m opening schools and I’m doing many things for the community. I have endorsements.”

Pilar denies any kind of charge of attacking her husband and claims that the police did not inform the Court of all the happenings.  She suspects the Prosper police to be in the pockets of Deion.

Following the divorce case, the Court has ordered the football legend to pay $10,550 every month to his estranged wife Pilar in order to support the children.

After receiving the custody of the two sons belonging to the couple, Pilar says, “a father interacts with his children on more than just one level, on more than just sports.”

She also said, “Deion traveled and he worked all the time and the only interaction he ever had with our children was during sports, practices or games, so it really was never a question who was the primary parent of our children.”

The court has relieved him from paying any spousal support but he will have to pay the ex’s legal fees of $275,000.

The war which started with a “domestic violence” has taken a shape which is catching enough of media’s attention and time and does not seem to be stopping even after the court’s order.