Ways to let a girl know that you care for her

Ways to let a woman know that you care for her
Ways to let a woman know that you care for her

Well, it is hard to difficult to make a girl understand that you really care for her, yet there is no harm in trying. There are very few girls who would not want reassurances from your end that care for her. Most of them forget the next minute the caring gesture you made her to feel her happy.

You may try a few of the following to assure that you really, really care for your girl:

Organise surprises

Understand her taste well and organise a surprise gift for her. This might not be expensive all the time. You can even buy her a small gift and make her happy.

Treat her differently

Even when you are together in a social gathering, make sure that your treatment towards her is a little special than others. Serve her the drink first and then make offers to others. This would make her feel that is important for you.

Respect her opinion       

Ask for her opinion and respect it by complying with it. Gils relay get irritated when they are not asked to opine and their opinions are not respected or complied to.

Kiss her suddenly

She wishes sudden kiss from you. And she gets elated when it is on the forehead and especially in front of others who are jealous of you being with her. She gets the thrill of winning a war.

Praise her every now and then

Don’t wait for occasions; keep praising her now and then so that she is assured of your energy not being drained out.

Give her a an unexpected call

When you call her up at a time when the last thing she expects is a call from you, then she feels wonderful. It strongly displays your care for her.

Keep up to your promises

If you promise girls, keep up to it, otherwise you may land losing her faith next time. Living to the promises marks the care you hold for your girl in your heart.

Give her due importance

When you give her the due respect you express your care for the lady.

When you apply any of the above mentioned suggestions, remember to be honest because a girl is smart enough to understand and differentiate between the “genuine and made up feelings”.