What do we learn from the Celebrity Marriages?


marriageAnybody who has the habit of reading celebrity gossips knows how relationships are highlighted in Hollywood and other realms of the celebrities. A few weeks after the most awaited marriages, there is a break up leading to another cover story.

Do all celebrity marriages fail?

Fact remains all celebrity couples do not break up. Many famous couples enjoy happy marriages, in spite of famous gossips against them. In fact, many stars are presently having happy married lives with their partners.

Rate of success of celebrity marriages:

Many researches have been conducted for searching the data sources for finding out the rate of success of celebrity marriages. Politicians and some other famous have been excluded from the list. People are only interested in the success rates of famous celebrities residing in and around Hollywood or New York.

Though every successful celebrity marriage in Hollywood and New York has not been included, but all those whose successful marriages would be easily recognized by any prudent man on the street have been included in the list. The statistics on this reveal that the divorce rate of celebrities is much higher than that of the  average people.

Reasons for such failure:

What makes successful Hollywood marriages as likely to fail is a million dollar question. Many attempts have been made to find an answer.

Away from the limelight, many celebrity couples find it very difficult to survive when they face the harsh reality of dealing with society or personal relations. Societal pressure and many other factors often make such marriages to fail than to survive.

Many couples of Hollywood have ended marriages due to the infidelity of their partner. Such news is not at all shocking to anybody who has followed the current headlines. Many celebrities have faced these situations which were very disheartening and have resulted in break up.

Do all marriages of celebrities fail?

Today our society has become full of negatives. The media tells us stories of infidelity and break ups. But they fail to report about long lasting relationships reaching milestones and anniversaries. Bob Hope continued with his marriage for nearly 70 years before his death in 2003.

Many celebrities opt to stay together though it is not necessarily very easy.

Lessons to be learnt from the celebrity marriages:

By changing the objects of our focus or outlook many aspects of life will start changing in our life.

Problems in life and marriage are very common, but winning over them is optional.

Learning to improvise, adapt and sacrifice will give you more energy in your life. Do not expect things to be smooth, they will always be rough and tough. In spite of spending energy and time to change the situation of your life, try to adjust yourself with the problems.