What forms can Spousal Abuse take?

Spousal abuse
Spousal abuse
Spousal abuse

There are few things on this earth which do not get discriminated by caste, creed, and religion. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Spousal abuse is one of them. Although this is a negative parameter, but it is found to be prevailing in almost every part of the world. There is no place where the society is not fighting with this evil and women or even men are not reported of getting abused. And mostly women are known to be at the receiving end, although men are not untouched by this pain.

However, it may not be in the same form for everyone.

The different forms of spousal abuse are mentioned below:

  • Verbal abuse: The first time when her husband started calling her names, shouting at her, she thought it was only for the first time. She took it and kept quiet thinking that her husband was in stress and he blasted her out of it. She gave him the benefit of doubt and took it, but, it did not stop there. That day was only the beginning of verbal abuse because every time he did not find things according to his wish he shouted uncontrollably. All this is nothing but verbal abuse, where the words are harder than even a physical hit.
  • Physical abuse: She took the verbal abuse and had never thought of being beaten up at the age where one is supposed to be mature and receive respect. She was mistaken; she was hit again and again along with being abused verbally. She was beaten almost to death and in many cases she had to get hospitalized. This is the form which is largely known as physical abuse.
  • Emotional abuse: Both of them have been staying together, but no one talks to anyone, the silence prevails. The silence that is killing, and is maintained to ignore the other spouse and to show that the presence or absence of hers does not matter to him. When he talks it is only abuse, anger, threat, fear and such negative things that are detrimental for the personality of this woman who has been tolerating it all.
  • Financial Abuse: She cannot earn because either she is not capable of or she has immense to do at home. She is not given any financial support by her partner; rather he ensures that she remains like that. Even if she earns, her money is controlled by her spouse. She cannot live her life the way she wants to. She is devoid of monetary resources so that she cannot have an independent life. The man in her life in the form of her husband enjoys this dependence and strengthens the same.

Abuse is never positive and healthy for a human being. When it comes from a spouse, it is rather painful and detrimental. It can take place in various forms, some may be visible and some may not be. The one who goes through this pain knows it all and bears it all.