What makes a woman live in an abusive relationship?

An Abusive Chemistry
An Abusive Chemistry

Woman is a symbol of “softness and patience”.  People say that only a woman can survive even with an animal too. This animal instinct when present in a man he becomes irrational and displays socially unacceptable behaviour.

Such a relationship is called “abusive relationship”.  It generally exists between a man and a woman living together as husband –wife. It may exist between other relationships like father-daughter, brother sister and mother- son too, though in a milder degree.

Every time on one hand of the abusive equation is a woman to bear the brunt of animal instinct in man.

Some experts put the following points forward as the cause of the woman surviving these abuses endlessly-

  • Woman who is abused is either economically weak so she is not sure of her survival after she has come out of the relationship. If it is a husband wife relationship and children are involved then she fears meeting the expenditures of them too.
  • There are cases where the woman is economically sound but emotionally she is dependent on her partner or the man in the relationship which binds her back and makes her undergo the same torture again and again.
  • There is a constant pressure of associated people who are affected largely by the breaking up of a relationship hence holding the woman back from making any harsh decision.
  • She is not sure of her future and might think that staying away from her partner would be even more difficult in many senses so she continues with the existing person.
  • She is too scared to handle the “social stigma” of a “single status” and has no spirits to stand again in life therefore she drags on with the man who abuses her day in and day out.

Looking at the above reasons it is not hard to understand that a woman who undergoes such a treatment needs a lot of support to fight against this kind of an evil behaviour of a man. Family and friends should give her adequate strength to come out of such a relationship rather than pushing her into it for the sake of society and children.

Never forget that an abusive man will make an abusive relationship which is going to adversely affect the children if not anyone else.

Hence reconcile to the extent that you can handle the adjustment easily, doing so beyond a point is actually torturing yourself.