What went wrong between Martin Lawrence and Gibbs?

Lawrence Martin and Gibbs get divorced
Lawrence Martin and Gibbs get divorced

Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs have been into a marital relationship for two years. They got married in the July of 2010. They were together for fifteen years before getting married. The couple is blessed with two lovely daughters in the name of Iyanna, 11 and Amara, 9.

Recently they presented a joint statement saying that;” Out of love and respect for one another we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters.”

The Divorce papers were filed in April 2012 but who exactly has filed the papers is not very clear.

Comedian Actor, Lawrence was married before to Patricia Southall with whom he has a daughter, Jasmine Page too. Patricia Southall was Miss Virginia USA in 1995.
The couple jointly announced about their divorce and said that the differences were irreconcilable and they would be enjoying joint custody of the daughters.

Martin is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter and of course a comedian too. His career in Hollywood was established in 1990.

So far, there are no definite reasons why the couple is getting separated. The whole affair seems so peaceful and calm. In fact the spokesperson has informed that this is a “joint decision”.

Unlike many other divorces the couple is willing to continue in the relationship of friends so that they can look after their daughters well. Hence there is now row over custody of the children.

The whole affair seems to be a matured and calculated move. There is not much of noise made by any of the two on this matter.

However, the insiders have reported that Gibbs is not very happy with Martin’s increasing weight which is happening quite rapidly and Martin doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Martin continues to intake alcohol in spite of this scenario of his body weight.

Shamicka suddenly told Martin one day that she is not happy with their marriage. To this Martin replied if she is not happy in a $23 Million Dollar home then she can step out of the relationship.

Looking at their case, one would surely think that the couple had no problems when they were together for 15 years. Within two years of getting married they have to divorce each other.

The brighter side of the story is the divorce is happening without creating a scene.