Whether to marry or to live together?


living togatherCohabitation and its relationship to marriage and divorce:

If you examine cohabitation from historical point of view with the help of comparative data, between the people of 1980s, and those of 1990s among people aged between 18 to 35 years, it will be found that the 1990s group was less likely to transition into marriage. The results suggested cohabitation in more recent years is less of a transition into marriage.

The only difference is the 1990s group is that they are less likely to change into marriage. It is observed that cohabitation recently is less of a change into marriage.

Impact of engagement and intentions prior to marriage on cohabitation:

Cohabitation without any sort of attachment was more prone to divorce. The probability of divorce was higher in comparison with cohabiting after engagement. In case of second marriages, there is always risk of low marital quality if there is cohabitation prior to the second marriage.

Reasons for avoiding marriage:

Couples think that they can remain independent in cohabitation. There were no notable differences between people who married without cohabiting and the people who married after cohabiting in the aspects like depression, happiness, independence, etc. But couples prefer to stay together for avoiding the complications arising out of divorce.

Differences between the behavioral patterns of married and cohabiting couples:

But married couples show better health conditions. Married people were observed to spend less time with their associates compared to cohabiting couples. Cohabiting couples were found to have more personal development.

Importance of premarital counseling:

Premarital counseling can be of a great help. People can have an exciting time together and have fun while learning in the sessions. Sometimes couples living together believe that they know each other well but this kind of pre-marital counseling challenges their beliefs.

Though it is not always the truth but living together before marriage is one of the best weapons to restrain divorce and having a kid born out of that association before marriage often leads to an unstable life.

For people who seek guidance in order to build the strongest foundation before entering into marital bond counseling is a good option.

Differences between children of married and cohabiting couples:

Most of the children born out of married couples irrespective of the fact whether they are biological or adoptive are brought up in a better way.  Children of cohabiting couples are more commonly found to live in poverty with lower economic conditions and financial insecurity. They experience more conflict between their parents resulting in their poor mental health.

The children show different modes of development when they live with the cohabiters compared to those living with married couples. Children of cohabiting couples are more likely to be school dropouts.