Why Women are more Inclined to File Divorce


Women, these days are appreciated for many things and accused of much more than that. One of the prime factors that pave the way for criticism is the divorce cases initiated by women. Nowadays women are emotionally strong, educated and financially independent so they no longer want to be abused or become miserable in the relationship.

Here are some well-known reasons that have made women initiate the divorce.

  • Domestic Violence


Not many people know that divorces are the sole escapades for many women. Many wives face domestic violence still, and unlike yesteryears, divorce does not mean they would be out on the roads without any shelter. Fortunately, they are educated and have a job to support their financial needs. So, one of the binding factors that stop women from moving out of marriage does not exist or seem too big.

  • Social Stigma


Divorce is no more a social taboo in the majority of the societies. Now, infidelity is not an issue with men, and women needed to sulk and stay with their marital status though they never liked their men carrying on an extramarital affair. Now, they can walk out of marriage with heads high.

  • Lack of Emotional Support


The emotional connection is what women look for in a marriage these days. No more they are happy only being a loving mother and a devoted wife. Unfortunately, men find being a husband of the previous generation easy and comfortable. When the emotional bonding is not there, women of middle age, wonder what the reason is to stay in such a marriage.

  • Lack of Compatibility


If there is a marriage where women are merely stuck, where there are no common likes and dislikes, women do not want to stay on and waste their entire life. Marriage is a part of life, and not the life which today’s women understand.

  • Empowerment


Finally, the career options and ambitions have made it not a big hassle to stay single after a marriage. Women want to pursue their career to become independent and financially secure. If the partner comes in the way of their empowerment, then women feel better to leave the marriage.

When financial needs are satisfied, and the next door neighbors don’t hurt you with comments on being a divorcee, then for women divorcing does not mean being guilty.