Will the love Story of Prince Harry and Cassida bloom?

Prince Harry and his Love Story
Prince Harry and his Love Story

Prince Harry came back from the Army tour with something on his mind while he was celebrating his “come back” with his friends.

The body language was reflecting quite well that the Prince had probably changed his priorities, earlier where he loved to party; now, he was looking “preoccupied and distant”.

Prince was looking for someone

Prince Harry when walked into the Sloaney haunt an evening, he was looking for a particular person who had disappointed him by not being present there.

Who else could this person be, it was none other than Cressida Bonas.

Yes, the Cressida the “ski instructor, a dance student” who made the Prince carries an aim while touring for the Army Camp.

The confidant of the Prince

Harry confides in Mark Dyer who is much older than him but is quite close to the Prince. Dyer is heard of being quite close to Prince William too.

Sources have informed that, Prince Harry has confessed his strong feelings for Cassida, to Dyer as well.

This confidant of Prince seems to be approving his choice. He is quite eager to see Prince Harry settled in life as soon as possible.

In fact, Dyer has been playing a major role in ensuring that Cassida becomes the next Royal bride.

Attempts to reach Cassida

While Prince was deputed in Afghanistan, he is heard of writing letters to Cassida. And he has strong hope that the romance will blossom again the way it did while the duo attended a music festival sometime during summers.

The response from Cassida

On one hand, Prince himself has been making attempts, on the other hand his friends and mainly Dyer has been making serious trials to bring the two together.

But, the lady seems to be sending cool signals instead of sending any strong message to the team of Prince.

She has not been responding to the efforts made by Dyer in the absence of Harry. In spite of cold shoulders the entire friend circle of the prince has been making sincere attempts to ensure that the lady in picture responds positively to the Prince.

At the same time, the team is quite confused about the “cold signals” coming from Cassida.

Now, all have to wait and watch if the love between the two of them blooms or not.