Will your marriage last?

Long lasting Marriages

17th November: Are you desperate to know whether your marriage will last long?

Well, you are among an increasing number of couples dying to know the fate of their married relationship. And this becomes all the more relevant keeping in view increasing rates of marriages falling apart leading to divorce.

Long lasting MarriagesLet’s see some tell-tale signs that tell your marriage will last longer—

  • Communication—If you have trouble communicating with your spouse or partner, then your marriage is likely to spell trouble sooner or later. So, if you want to have a long-lasting marriage, having better communication is the key.
  • Breathing space—Are you giving sufficient space to your spouse or not? If not, then you need to be wary. Remember, in a married relationship, both the spouses need some space and time for pursuing their individual interests.
  • Financial priorities—Sparing time to discuss and share financial matters is a must for long lasting marital bliss. So, make it a point to take time for discussions pertaining to financial matters like investment, savings, spending and so on. It can make managing household an enjoyable experience.
  • Spending time together—As a married couple, both the spouses need to spend quality time with each other whether at frequent intervals, be it every day, alternative days or weekends. This can help clear any doubts and increase trust and faith among partners leading to a strong bond of love.
  • Disagreements are good—Disagreements are an inseparable part of any married relationship. So, it is not bad for any married partner to disagree. However, the point is to resolve the issues by coming to amicable solutions rather than dragging arguments.
  • Enjoy each other’s company—As a married couple, it is vital to enjoy each other’s company. So, whether its watching some favorite TV program together or doing any household chore together, its all up to the couple to see how to promote love and harmony in a married relationship to strengthen the bond of marriage.
  • Don’t take spouse for granted—Are you taking your partner or your spouse for granted? It’s a sure sign of marriage going to head towards a failure. Hence, you must start appreciating your partner even its for small things to show that you love and care for him/her.