Women who are marriage addicts

Marriage addicted women

19th March: Women who are ready to enter into another wedlock even after having four or five failed marriages are marriage addicts

Such women are willing to take walk down the aisle once again without considering the past experiences of their failed marriages. And some of the leading Hollywood celebrities are also marriage-addicts ready to take the risk of getting hitched with someone all over again.

Maddict celebrities—Lets see who these are and know what it takes to get addicted to marriage, irrespective of their past experiences. Take, for instance, 30-year-old singer Britney Spears who has two unsuccessful marriages in the past and is now engaged to Jason Trawick, a Hollywood agent.

42-year-old Jennifer Lopez who is going steady with Casper Smart, a dancer, after having three unsuccessful marriages and a failed engagement in the past. And tying know for the fourth time is Sinead O’Connor.

So, what could be said about all such women including Hollywood beauties who are nothing but die-hard romantics willing to become brides time and again?

Marriage addicted women

What drives them to multiple marriages--All these women marrying multiple times have at least one thing in common, i.e., their desire to live happily ever after even after having been failed in their past marriages. And it is this burning desire that makes them get married for several times.

According to a psychologist specializing in relationship issues, Mairead Molloy, the feeling of belonging to someone and the security of having someone in their lives is the main factor behind such marriages. Moreover, marriage is seen as a status symbol  for some women. So, being married makes them acceptable in the society, states Molloy.

Another factor could be getting in the limelight by entering into a marriage whether its for second, third, fourth or even fifth time, she adds.

One of the main reasons behind failure of third or fourth marriages is that many times, couples don’t seem to learn a lesson from their past mistakes. They simply repeat their past blunders. Hence, their marriages fail once again.

A word of advice--The need is to take a lesson from the mistakes of the previous marriages. The couples must take time to think over the reasons that led to the failure of the previous marriage/marriages. A minimum of 18 months period is must before rushing on into another relationship or marriage, only then can one look forward to having a successful and a long lasting relationship.