Words that may ruin your marriage

Marriage trouble

9th May: Do you want to have a long-lasting and a happy marriage? Then, be wary of using certain words.

You may have not wondered ever even in your dreams that some words can be detrimental to the health and happiness of your married life. But, it’s true.

Power of words–Words are powerful. And words have the power to make or break your marriage at any point of time. They can be an expression of love, no doubt, but use of some inappropriate words can wreck your marriage and prove to be destructive A point worth notable is that partners must be careful in using a word since it can ruin or make your married life.

Marriage troubleSo, here are the words that need to be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to damage your marriage beyond repairs—

  • Never say ‘NEVER’—It is an advice for all married couples. Don’t use the word ‘never’ since it simply conveys a sense of hopelessness to your spouse. What does ‘never’ mean? It is a negative word conveying no hope for any betterment. So, avoid this word for having a happily married life.
  • Avoid saying ‘BUT’—Its another word conveying negative feelings. So, never use ‘but’ because it has the capability of turning a positive feeling into a negative one. Remember, it is an opposite word for nurturing of feelings of trust, faith and intimacy in a healthy relationship.
  • ‘NOT’? no-no—Remember, the more you use the word ‘not’, the more negativity is what you are conveying to your spouse. And this can prove bad for your marriage. So, the word ‘not’ does not have any place in a healthy marriage.
  • YOU—‘YOU’ is yet another word that is regarded as a relationship killer. So, it must be avoided by partners if they want to enjoy a happy and a healthy married life ever after. Why? Because the statements beginning with the word ‘You’ create a negative energy and a distance by pushing people away from each other. Rather, the couples must make a habit to use statements beginning with the word ‘I’.
  • Divorce—Are you using the word ‘divorce’ while communicating with your partner? It may be for any reason—whether accusing your partner of making the marriage a hell or for any other reason. If yes, then you need to be wary since it is simply going to break your marriage sooner than you could imagine.