Would you prefer Marrying the “Right” Man or the “Rich” Man?

Marrying the Rich Man or the Right Man
Marrying the Rich Man or the Right Man

The ladies aspiring to get married in the near future must answer this question. The preference for them is the man who is right or the one who is extremely rich.

Well, many would consider this to be an absolutely personal choice. There are brighter shades of both the concepts.

Those who prefer to marry the “rich”

For them, one cannot say out rightly that they are materialistic. These women who prefer marrying a rich man have their own reason to do so.

They might have undergone tremendous economic pressure and hence they do not want to have a sour life in terms of money in future.

The other possibility could be that the person is ambitious and she does not want to make any adjustments with her future life.

Those who prefer to marry the “right”

Such ladies who want to go for a man who is right more than being rich, the choice is simple. They don’t want to live in the world of imaginations. Instead, they want a person who would be ethically correct and would never ditch her in times of crisis.

Probably, they might have seen rich men around and must have seen them ditching their wives or girlfriends without even thinking twice.

Now, when they are about to get into marital cord, they don’t want to risk the same.

Does being right mean not being rich or vice versa?

Not, always, there could be a man who is quite rich yet he is ethical and as right as a person who is to so rich. It could be the other way round as well. There could be people with right kind of ethics and moral attitude and can own a huge amount of money as well.

So, it is always possible to get that unique combination and live a happy life.

The choice and parameter are quite subjective in nature. Because the two terms “right” and “rich” are quite “relative” in existence. Someone who is rich or right according to one, might not be the same as per the opinion of the other person.

Hence, to decide or to make a choice between the two is an absolutely prerogative decision.