Young People Avoiding Any Relationship


10th June: Millennials and marriage seems to be a big no-no.

Yes, that’s true. Young people are avoiding any type of relationship, be it marriage or anything else.

Let us see the issue in detail here.

Young People Avoiding Relationship, MarriageYoung people rejecting marriage—Marriage does not seem to be a priority for young people these days. So, the marriage rates as well as the number of relationships have fallen among youngsters.

Its not just marriage that seems to be missing on the priority list of young people. In fact, they are rejecting any type of commitment. Fewer young people are saying ‘I Do’ to any type of commitment or relationship.

As per a recent survey, as far as young people are concerned, only fewer are getting involved into serious relationships. So, the number of those living in any committed relationship has gone down considerably.

Millennials are choosing to stay away from marriage. And many are taking a decision that marriage just does not seem to be their cup of tea.

30-somethings are staying single—Its not just young people aged 18 and 29 years who seem to be shying away from marriage or any serious relationship. Even 30-somethings are also opting to remain single.

S0, it becomes quite clear from the survey findings that marriages are really down seeing the latest trend. While marriages have declined by 13 points from 29 percent to now being 16 percent, there has been a rise in the number of singles or never-married people by 12 point in the period between 2004 and 2014.

Not living together—Another fact worth notable in this regard is that young people are not rejecting marriage for living together. On the other hand, they are simply opting to stay single for a longer period.

However, it could not indicate that young people are opting to stay out of relationships. It is just that they are quite less likely to make any serious relationship or commitment-whether it be marriage or staying together.

14 percent young people living with parents—Gallup survey also revealed an interesting fact that nearly 14 percent of adults aged between 24 years and 34 years were found to be living under their parents’ roof.

Other priorities of young people—While marriage and relationship do not feature on the priority list of young people, it is job satisfaction, travel and leisure that is of equal or even higher importance for young people.

No wonder, young adults do not have same enthusiasm for marriage as do their parents or grandparents.