Your Sleeping Position Says Much About Your Relationship


29th September: Do you know that your sleeping position reveals much about your relationship and also your sex life?

Yes, amazing it may seem but its quite true.

Your Relationship and Your Sleeping Position are Interelated Sleeping positions and your relationship—Separate, spooning or sprawling. What is your sleeping position? Well, the fact is that you and your partner’s sleeping position says much about your relationship and your sex life.

Experts reveal that our body language during sleep is likely to be a gauge of what is actually in our minds.

Let us see some common sleeping positions for coupler and its impact on your relationship—

  • Spooning—When one partner positions behind the partner, its spooning position. Almost one fifth of couples sleep in spooning position, reveals the study. Its considered to be a vulnerable and sexual position saying ‘I trust you’.
  • The Chase—Its quite similar to spooning. In this sleeping position, one person drifts to the other side of the bed while the partner is chasing. It could indicate two things. One could be that the partner has retreated due to need of space or it could mean that the person or the partner being chased is doing it hard to get.
  • The Back kissers—Its is a sign of affection, experts suggest. In this position, the partners stare at opposing walls but show a right amount of intimacy. Nearly 94 percent of couple in this position are happy with their relationship. This sleeping position is favored by nearly 25 percent of British couples. Its effective for couples who are security conscious.
  • Spaced apart—Although it may be considered to be the least intimate position, where a couple is fully dressed and spaced out(facing away), but its considered to be a good sign for your healthy relationship. It means couple are connected and safe in themselves.
  • The Tangle—In this position, arms and legs are wrapped around each other. Its very common at the start of any romantic relationship or after lovemaking.
  • The unraveling knot—Couples go into the unraveling knot as they sleep after beginning in the Tangle. Its an indicator of a stronger relationship than the Tangle since it’s a compromise between independence and intimacy enabling for the best of both the worlds.
  • The Space Hogger—In case of this sleeping position where one partner sprawls across the bed not allowing any space to the other is an indicator of selfishness.
  • Top to Tail—It’s a clear sign of trouble on the horizon. Its considered the worst sleeping position and indicates a couple in pre-divorce or post argument.