Men and women have different reasons to get upset in a relationship


There is yet another reason to justify that “Men are from mars, women are from Venus”. A recent study concludes that relationship issues arising out of physical betrayal mostly upsets men, while those arising out of emotional lying and infidelity are more likely to disturb women.

The possible reason

Rome was not built in a day, these variation are not one day’s result but it the work of evolution of the role of men and women since time immemorial. Traditionally women represent, the most important link of family bonding, they believe in taking care of every minute detail of the family, and on realisation of the fact that their partner’s love interest has changed and they have found better compatibility with someone else makes them emotionally jealous and crumpled.

Men on the other hand get more disturbed by the thought of raising another male’s offspring like their own one’s, so they fine physical infidelity more upsetting and devastating. This thought is not concerned with the fact that he stays in the relationship for Love or lust of his wife.

The factual data

According to a recent study by the department of psychology of the Norwegian university of science and technology, it can be concluded that these differences naturally prevail in interpersonal relationships, no matter it is a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship. This study was conducted based on the answers of a questionnaire given to around 1000 participants. The questionnaire queried about which fact of the spouse is more disturbing “sexual intimacy with someone else” or “emotional infidelity”, and the result were like 45.9 % of men went with the first one, backing the theme of this article.

Effect of gender equality

However, in Norway andother equivalent states, where sexual equality is quite high; these surveys are likely to change if conducted through another chunk of the masses. This is so because in egalitarian societies fathers are equally responsible for the upbringing of the child, even the state facilitates them with various kinds of leaves and emoluments to take care of their offspring. The rise of single parenthood and legal support in this regard has definitely helped in changing the attitude of men and womenaway from their natural notion.

The basic tendency of both the sexes are surely different from each other , but such egalitarian environment of the state may quite successfully lead to broader thought process in relationship issues of lying and infidelity , otherwise a couple can find relationship counselling centres in every nook and corner!!!