Are you prepared to protect your child from mentally sick people of the society?

Protect your child
Protect your child

A burning issue is protecting your child not from the thieves, not from any superficial issue but from those who are mentally sick. And if one is allowed to use this word for those who have least sensitivity for children, they are nothing but the predators that make the small children their prey of their own “sickness”.

How do they conduct a crime?

They come closer to the family or even to the child through various tactics. And then they “misuse” the trust which the child bestows upon those people. They find a safe haven for their misdeed and conduct the act in such a manner that people will only realize after the same has been conducted.

Who are the victims?

The victims have no age bar. It may happen to a small kid and also to a grown up, depending upon the alertness and availability of theirs to the miscreants.

How does it impact the child?

In many a cases the child does not even come to know that he has been “used” for meeting an “un-meaningful” desire of a mentally sick person. All he is into is a “physical and mental pain”. And sometimes, as prints you may not be able to come to know of it unless it is revealed through some indirect behavioural expression of the child. The child may remain in trauma for quite a prolonged period unless there is adult intervention in the issue at the required moment.

What is being done and can be done to protect the children?

Self-help groups: These groups can be created by “learned and sensitive” people who can take charge and ensure that they rescue children from the hands of any such crook.

Awareness programs: Parents and care givers can be extended adequate awareness and education on the issue, so that they can identify a crook and hinder the availability of the kid from such ill people. They should also be trained on the after math effects or the signs if a child has been “ill-treated” or not.

Consultancy: Experts and Consultants can be visited to get a broader view on the issue not only after it has occurred to someone, but, also before the same as a precautive measure.

Self-protection: Children who can communicate should be educated to protect them and understand the difference between a “good touch” and a “bad touch”. And many such issues can be covered with them so that they can learn self-protection art and refrain themselves from getting into the trap of any such sick person.

Such people have a mental state which is certainly not in the reference range of “normalcy’. Treating them severely and punishing them strictly is a measure, but, wearing the protection gloves is the most important need. Hence, parents and the care givers have to play larger roles and ensure that no child undergoes this kind of a trauma and gets victimized by any “unsocial element”.