Bringing Up a Girl Child – a Struggle for the Parents Today


In the old day it were boys who were the problem creating children in the families but today the scenario has changed totally. Not it is the girls who are found to be problematic. Presently most of the mothers of teenage girls are worried about bringing up their daughters.

Until a few years back, boys were found to be problematic. They did not used to perform well in exams, they used to drink and get involved in nasty habits. At that time compared to boys girls were doing well. But, now things have really changed. Suddenly, girls have started to detoriate.

Today anxiety and depression of girls are also increasing. Excessive drinking, taking drugs are also other disasters. The problem appears to be affecting teenage girls at a very young age.

Reasons for this behavior of girls:

The effect of advertising that targets the girls, the type of clothes which are sold now-a-days in the shops, the messages coming from the media encouraging the girls to grow up in that way. Today girls spend much of their time on social media. They are addicted TV and go to movies. Mobile phones are also another reason of their behavioral pattern.

How to fight the battle?

The battle needs to be fought in a domestic front but very tactfully. Parents need to re-access how they think of their daughters .Remember you are they growing older, as such they need parents less. Fact remains in teenage girls need their parents most. You need to spend time with our daughters during this crucial period. Talking to them, listening their problems, help a lot. Staying connected with parents makes them cope with their problems.
There are many pressures on the teenage girls which can be quite stressful for the young girls. They try to behave like adults but ultimately fail to do so. They often forget that they are students.
You have to teach your daughter to express her feelings. Encourage and compliment her. Make her feel that she is an integral part of the family. Stop helping your daughter with her homework all the time. Let her do it herself. Let her feel the responsibility.
Always remember a girl child is very special and she requires more care. Raising a girl child is a huge responsibility on you.