Can a step Mom and step children have a beautiful bond?

Beautiful bond between step mom and step children
Beautiful bond between step mom and  step children
Beautiful bond between step mom and step children

They certainly can, because any relationship is made up of two individuals. And each of them has to contribute to it to make it a healthier one.

Why does such relationship fail?

When an individual sees the step mom, there is a general feeling that this lady has replaced his or her mother’s place in the family and more precisely the father. This becomes a little difficult for them to gulp and accept. And indeed it is, the mother is the most important character in the life of a child, and when her role is played by someone else, the child would obviously find it difficult to synchronize with the thought.

For the step mom too, it is a new world where she has to accept children who biologically don’t belong to her. Whenever she will see them she will suffer with the unexplained presence of the first spouse of her husband. And she would find it a little unsecure to approach and accept these children.

How can this relationship be made successful?

  • Both the components of this relationship need to become approachable and open. They have to ensure that they are available to each other and don’t snub away or shut off mentally when one of them at least is trying to build in a relationship.
  • They can’t afford to compare the step mom with their own mom and the lady also has to understand that they are children. Whose children are they should come later, but they are one has to be realized first. This kind of a thought will help her to forgive a lot of mistakes and probably rudeness coming from these children.
  • They have to accept the change in life. This acceptance has to come from the step mom first because she is a grown up individual than the children.
  • They should avoid looking for a mistake from each other otherwise the relationship would turn sour which would make things worse.
  • They have to avoid making complaints to their father because it is even difficult for him too to ensure that things start running on track.

Why is it needed to develop a sound relationship?

They say that a family is successful only when there is harmony and peace. In a family where there is a step mom and step children, more of harmony is needed to see to it that things run smoothly. Lack of peace would be disturbing for everyone in the house and would make life miserable.

Changing circumstances and situations are always an integral part of life. One has to flow according to these changes and accept them for a peaceful existence. This is a relationship which demands more of acceptance than many others, but, it is not impossible to have a sound relation with step mom or with step children. All one needs to do is to handle things with maturity and patience. With time things are bound to fall in place.