Can your Children be saved from your Abusive Marriage only through Divorce?

child witnessing domestic violence.
child witnessing domestic violence.
child witnessing domestic violence.

Married couples sometimes go through tough times in which they find adjusting with each other difficult. This leads to conflicts and when these conflicts ignite even further, it leads to an abusive relationship. Such marriages may suffer yelling, screaming, arguments and even violence. It is commonly the female parent who falls prey to domestic violence. This has a very deep and negative impact on her life and she may decide to quit the marriage.

But those who are not just two, push their children into this suffering  thus, spoiling their life. Children are also one of the major reasons for a woman to stay glued to her violent husband. But unfortunate are those little toddlers who grow up to be youngsters seeing their parents fighting and indulging in violence.  This gets everybody thinking, is divorce the way out?

Mothers are very attached to their children and share a stronger emotional bond than fathers. Those who fall victims to domestic violence know what their child/children are going through. Witnessing violence at home is not easy and this is why children suffer digestive problems, bad health, poor appetite etc.  In around 50% cases, children are also beaten up ruthlessly which imprints dark memories in their mind for a lifetime. Children need to be saved from all these atrocities and ill-treatment. But the question remains, how?

In most abusive marriages, the chances of gaining normal composure are nearly impossible. But sometimes for the sake of financial security of the kids, mothers go on staying in the same marriage. Maintaining a cool atmosphere at least in front of the kids gives them some relief promoting their healthy and happy growth. Also, a little effort by both the partners can help pretend that the relationship is going smooth.

Psychologists say that children getting exposed to domestic violence also land up into abusive marriages later in life. And so as to secure their life, they should not be made to witness all the abusive sessions. Divorce may be considered an option in two cases :

  • If the mother is financial settled to feed her kids and take good care of them.
  • If the children are eligible to earn and work for their own living.

A little co-operation of both the partners for the happiness and well-being of their children can avoid nightmares from flashing in their minds and help them lead a better life.