Challenges of bringing up a girl child in the digital era

Girl browsing Internet
Girl browsing Internet

Parenting is a dynamic task which demands a lot of attention and understanding. To bring up children requires major “management skills”. One has to play multiple roles in the life of a child for a successful parenting.

However, the approach of bringing up a girl child is different from that of bringing up a boy child.

The challenges are even graver when the society has got almost integrated with “social networking concept.”

Yes, Social networking sites and such technological developments have put a difficult task before the parents while bringing up their daughters.

Why has it become difficult for the parents?

  • The availability of information available on the internet is difficult to control making everything available to the children. There are crooks that take undue advantage of these feasibility and shoot out various “unacceptable information” on the most common sites. When a child browses through unknowingly, she is not aware of the “correctness” of the information.
  • There is every possibility that she might get trapped in one of these entangles and suffer a great deal. The known fact is that girls are more prone to these traps in compared to boys.
  • Most of the times, they are not even aware of falling into such a pit till the time it is actually realized by them or their parents.
  • There are offensive messages posted on various sites which do not get restricted to the targets but somehow reach the innocents too. And, this is where the miscreants win the game.
  • There are many sites wherein friends are made without even meeting or knowing well. Here, the criminals send a “request for becoming friends” and trap the innocents.

How can you protect your girl child?

  • The information on the internet cannot be controlled but it can always be monitored. So, the first thing you can do is to monitor and filter the reach-ability of any crooked and unwanted information to your daughter.
  • When your daughter gets a friend request or any such request then you must personally verify the details of the sender before your girl child accepts it.
  • Whenever you sense a trouble report it to the cyber-crime department for immediate action.

Bringing up a girl child in this era where life revolves around “social networking sites” and digitization could be challenging, but, with little careful moves one can always enjoy his or her parenting phase.