Consequences of Failing to Make Court-Ordered Child Support Payments

Not paying child support
Not paying child support
Not paying child support

Parents failing to make child support payments ordered by Court should be prepared to face serious consequences. The law is quite strict about ensuring that a parent who is supposed to provide money for bringing up a child should be responsible and careful enough in this regard.

Why is the court strict about this payment?

This is the payment which is necessary for supporting education and other necessities of a child. Therefore, in the absence of this money the child could have a compromised bringing up. He or she may be devoid of many facilities which could be urgently required and could lead to a detrimental growth of the child.

What are the legal consequences one may face?

The possible consequences could be as following:

  • Warrant could be issued, because it is a case of contempt of court.
  • One should be prepared to pay a fine or be jailed for a considerable period of time and also may have to pay a penalty along with the due amount.
  • One may not be able to enjoy tax refunds and may be snatched away government benefits.
  • The court may order the employer of the accused to transfer a certain amount of money to the beneficiary’s account directly.
  • The passport of such a parent could be revoked, or it may not get renewed.
  • It would have a large impact on credit report too. The credit score would go down for not making payments on time.
  • Nonetheless, visitation rights would not get affected even if a print does not pay the child support on time.

What are the options for the parent looking after the child?

This parent can always appeal to the court or even to a local agency for getting immediate attention on this issue. However, a court would not take less than six months’ time to resolve the issue.

What are the options for the parent who is not making payments on time?

One can approach child support enforcement agency to find about temporary payment plan, in case a person is not able to make the payments on time.

One can also appeal to the court for modifying the plan of child support payments.

In both the cases one can only get help if one has a genuine reason for not making payments according to the schedule mentioned by the court earlier.

A few of those genuine options could be loss of job, change of job, decreased income, and a few such circumstances.

Those who fail to make payment of child support on time should be prepared to hear harsh actions from court and or any legal body. The law does not forgive such people who act irresponsibly. However, if someone has a genuine reason behind this, then he or she can always appeal to get the child support modified. Law ensures that under no circumstances the upbringing of the child gets affected adversely, hence enough measures are taken by the policy makers.