Domestic Violence could be devastating for children

Child caught in domestic violence
Child caught in domestic violence
Child caught in domestic violence

All are aware of the adverse impacts, domestic violence could impose on women how is being abused physically and emotionally. This kind of a violence heard of throwing even deeper impacts on children who witness them.

Yes, any family where domestic violence is a regular phenomenon and if the same has children, can never be devoid of a story of the same children developing a personality disorder or displaying a similar issue.

The adverse impact of domestic violence on children

Emotional insecurity: Such children who witness their parent being abused would suffer from a great deal of insecurity. They would also display a behaviour which reflects such a characteristic, forcing them to distrust anyone in life.

Fear: They are always scared and fearful about anything happening in their life, this is because they have witnessed fearful act coming from the fraudulent parent day in and day out.

Separation anxiety: Such children also have a tendency of clinging to their parent who is being abused because they have the anxiety of losing them. And hence, they may give a tough time to their parent when asked to go to school because they are not sure if they would be able see their parent once they come back home. As a result they keep clinging to this parent wherever they go.

Disrespect: As they see their father abusing their mother every now and then, you may see them developing disrespect for any male personality coming across.

Lack of confidence; they are generally not confident about themselves and suffer from identity crisis too.

Maladjustment: They might not be able to fit themselves into a social gathering because they are under confident and unsecured too.

Becoming shy: Such children also display a shy nature because they suffer from the fear that their personal story would be revealed to others.

Ways to help a child suffering:

  • The first step has to come from the parent, when a parent needs to establish communication with the child. Many a times, parent hides the whole affair thinking that it would affect the child adversely, but, if you actually do so you are making things miserable. Not talking about the situation is only going to pile up the fear and the pain in the child’s mind. So, a healthy and open communication is an urgent requirement in such cases.
  • Taking help of a counselor is another important aspect for the families where children suffer from this issue.
  • Make an effort to make your child feel comfortable and free to discuss his thought process so that you are aware of what is going on in his mind.

Domestic violence is a curse which does not only impact the victim but also the children who are there in the relationship. It is always better to communicate and make things easier for the children so that they don’t grow out to be deformed personalities. An adult has to take necessary steps before it gets too late.