Ensure about knowing your daughter’s assault

Assaulted Child
Assaulted Child

Being assaulted is quite a common phenomenon for a girl child. However, there are only a few cases which are surfaced. Sometimes girls themselves hide them or else the issue is carpeted by the parents themselves.

Reporting the Incidence to the parents

Be courageous

When a girl is assaulted she should gather enough courage to report the matter to any or both their parents.

Be confident

If a girl knows that she is not at mistake, then she should be confident enough to raise the issue before her parents.

Don’t fear the judgement

Girls should never hide the matter only in the fear of being judged by their parents and other elders or friends. A girl must understand that, what happened was either unknowingly or unwantedly. There was no any involvement of the girl in the whole matter. So, there is no question of being fearful.

Stop it right away

Even if a girl doesn’t know the concept of being assaulted, she should defy any act which she finds to be abnormal.

The role of parents in making the girls comfortable

Educated and inform your daughter

Most of the times, parents ate such an education to be a “later discussed topic”, though it is quite important that one educates the girls on this issue as early as they are ready to understand it.

Teaching them about “touch”

Educate them about “good touch” and “bad touch” so that they can discriminate well when someone tries to assault them.

Friend or foe

Rarely an unknown person and mostly a known person to the family who could be a friend or a relative get into this dirty act. So, make your daughters aware of the limits she needs to maintain with any outsider.

Be a friend than a preacher

Your daughter will share her pain with you only when she feels comfortable.  So, introspect if you share that comfortable a relationship with your child that she is free to open her heart and mind out to you.

Don’t probe or react

When you get to know about it for the first time, neither react not probe into it too much. Give her sometime to open up and share her “painful experience” with you.

The society will always have few demons that are mentally sick too. As parents it is your responsibility to protect your girl child from them. Educate and warn them on time and make them comfortable to share with you anything they come across.