Happy couples make happier parents

Happy couples are Happier parents
Happy couples are Happier parents

Do you share a strong bond with your spouse? If yes, then you will surely share a strong bond with your children too. Experts have always tried to establish a relationship between the two. Even people who hold experiences in their lives always suggest that your relationship score with your spouse is actually the basic accelerating factor to a “happy parenting”.

Read the following to understand the logic behind this theory:

What you give is what you get

After working day in day out when you get a little appreciation from your spouse, you feel yourself to be on cloud nine. This appreciation makes you content and in turn you appreciate your children. This is one thing which is needed the most for a healthy growth of a child, and so you’re getting it from your spouse and you’re handing it over to your children.

You’re supported in all your moves and you do the same to your kids. Again the theory of give and take works well here.

You are a content spouse and hence a content parent

You’re getting adequate emotional support from your spouse which fills you with content and makes you a complete person who probably wants nothing else. You make your children happy because you are filled with emotions which you pour on your kids.

You can sort out matters mutually

While bringing up children, it is quite likely that you will come across a lot of issues. They can be related to their schooling, their friends and many other emotional issues. When you have a good relation with your partner, you can discuss things out and solve all the upcoming problems.

You can give security to your children

When children see their parents having a happy relationship, they feel secured. In many cases it has been studied that parents’ fight leave a dirty mark on children’s mind and they feel insecure.

Children imbibe to be good spouses and parents

The first role model for children is their parents. In fact the personality of the children is a reflection of their parents’ one. When they see their parents as happy couple, they learn to be a happy spouse when they grow up and the cycle continues.

People say that every step of your behaviour has to be checked after you obtain parenthood, so make it a point that you meet your responsibilities well which do not only get limited to raising them up but gets extended to raising them in a happy environment.