Happy environment required for a healthy mental development in children

Happy child
Happy child

Research indicates that most of the brain development in a person takes place between 0 to 6 years. When we refer “0”, we mean to refer to the stage of the child when he or she is in the mother’s womb. So it would be not being a wrong statement to make that “Mental developments start from here itself”.

A child, his interest, his personality and his behaviour everything would depend upon his mental development which in turn largely depends upon the surrounding environment. This surrounding actually refers to not only the physical environment but mainly the people and their attitude around the child.

Almost every psychologist, educationist and experts in the field of “child development” have emphasized upon a “happy environment around the child”.

The neurones of the child work the best when they are relaxed. When he sees happy people around him, he gets a lot of support and he learns better.

Whereas a child who faces abuse either directly or indirectly is seen to be less developing, less innovative and refrains himself from any kind of expression or interaction. This is mainly because he has immense fear embedded in his mind which does not allow him to be in his normal self. This restricts him form learning his world better and faster.

As because a child who has mostly seen unhappiness and may be verbal violence quite often will probable lack the capacity to converse normally and will be unsure of behaving with a new person coming his way.

A child who grows up in happy environment will be a happy individual and this happiness will make him confident about everything he does. His brain will be more receptive to new learnings as she does not have the fear of being abused or scolded.

His developmental milestones will be more than normal, his capacity to pick up language, arithmetic or any other life skill will be higher. He will interact social more than a child who does not have an exposure to a happy environment.

Hence as a parent it is very important that the way you are careful bout your child’s room, his toys, his any other possession and belongings, you should be more careful about providing him a “happy environment” as this is the base of his mental health.