How to Bring Up a Girl Child


girl childDo you have a girl child? Are you worried about all the external influences upon her from the outside world? Do you wish her to develop with self respect and good manners?

Development of a girl child:

When the girls grow, their senses of self respect and personality develop and it also changes. Girls having a lot of self-esteem are secured about themselves, no matter whether they are really smart and successful or not.

Today women are passing out of colleges and universities with flying colors and are found to be successful in the fields like medicine, law, sports, politics, etc. and all fields. Girls today grow up with confidence in them to achieve their dream.

Problems relating to mental and physical health of girls:

The physiology of girls is linked to eating disorders, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety which are some of the most common problems found in girls.

Problems in bringing up a girl child:

Bringing up girls involves a lot of conflict and contradiction. Technology is developing very fast. Today the new generation is having access to much information which their earlier generation never had the opportunity to look out.

Things that can be done to deal with the problems:

It is really a tough job to bring up young girls. Parents agree that it is not an easy task for them. As such today parents are looking for professional sources to help them in the matter.

The following ways can help the parents:

  1. Be a role model for your daughter – Do not speak negatively about yourself before your daughter.  Also do not focus on your external appearance.
  1. Be a good listener – Listen patiently to your daughter and give her equal opportunity to speak.
  2. Encourage them in sports- Get your daughter into any of her favorite sports or other physical activities. Let her enjoy, this will enhance her physical as well as mental health. It will also decrease her stress and depression, and make them feel competent.
  3. Communicate well – Communicate with your daughter. As a result you will get to learn how she feels.
  4. Get your spouse involved – Remember your daughter also needs the company of your spouse. Girls having the involvement of both the parents in their lives often and are more successful in attaining careers, more independent, happier in their future lives.
  5. Stop over parenting – Stop protecting them all the time from failure. Let them feel the consequences of their own acts.
  1. Do not limit her choices – Encourage your daughter in any field she likes; buy her games which are normally meant for boys.