How to teach the children of broken marriages the value of marriage?


broken marriageIn schools today a huge percentage of the students come from broken families. It is hard to teach children belonging to broken families to take the marital bond as sacred and permanent when they have an altogether bitter experience regarding a marriage.

Problems of children from broken marriages:

These children lack the confidence that they might find spouses who will turn out to be reliable partners for their whole life.

The marital situation of their parents is the best predictor of their own success regarding marriage. It is often found that children belonging to broken houses suffer from break down of marriage. A child of a broken family mostly has a higher chance of getting divorced. They find it extra difficult to keep their marriage going and the reverse of the fate of their parents’ marriage.


Tips to teach these children:

1.       To break the concept of divorce – The first thing to be done is to break the concept of divorce. It is necessary to teach them how to prepare for marriage.

2.       Counseling – Counseling is very important for every faith traditions. It should be taught that living together is not the right thing. It has to be borne in mind that picking a marriage partner for lifetime requires one to be choosy.

3.       Strengthen their belief in marriage – The next thing to be done is to strengthen the sacrament of marriage. They should know that many people are having happy and successful marriages. It should be noted that all except them are children from happy marriages.

4.       Religious upbringing – A religious upbringing with moral value sessions might prove to be immensely helpful for these children. Attending religious services can be of great help to these children who always suffer from a sense of insecurity in their lives.

5.       Develop their personalities – It is necessary to teach them to develop their personalities so that they can take their own decisions and stick to them firmly.

6.       Make them learn from their parents mistakes – They should learn from the mistakes made by their parents and be sure not to make similar mistakes in their lives. They should not repeat what happened to their parents to their own life and their own children.

7.       Make them choose a good partner – It is necessary to teach them to give them guidance to choose a good partner for their whole life.

8.       Give proper education – Providing a proper education is very crucial.

9.      Teach them the Boundaries in Marriage – Boundaries are the personal lines defining what are our responsibilities and our limitations. Having distinct boundaries are essential for a healthy marriage.