Carrying an Angel Baby !!- How small checks can ensure a healthy baby

Monitoring hCG levels can ensure a healthy baby
Monitoring hCG levels can ensure a healthy baby

For women pregnancy is such a special stage of life that is fell of excitement and joy. The feeling of carrying a little angel life growing within you is truly unmatched

Monitoring hCG levels can ensure a healthy baby
Monitoring hCG levels can ensure a healthy baby

However, this stage is also a stage where you cannot be complacent to take care of your health. It is a stage that brings lots of internal changes and hormones levels swing wildly. Did you notice why during pregnancy one gets moody and often feels agitated? It is all because of changes in the hormones levels.


What is hCG hormone- You need to monitor these hormones levels, and more specifically Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced only during pregnancy and it show up in blood tests. This hCG is produced by placenta and has a very important role to nourish the egg.

The role of placenta is endocrine and is very critical to the growth of the angel child you are expecting as it transfers fetus oxygen and nutrients; removes toxic waste products and provides immunity to baby between week 20 and 24.

What is hCG levels are low or high- Now here comes the role of hCG. In case the placenta is rejected by body, the pregnancy would be terminated. hCG battles the immunologic response from the body to reject placenta so that placenta stays in the body and is able to nourish the fetus. Low levels of hCG can lead to miscarriage or miscalculation in the pregnancy dating. For ladies expecting more than one baby the levels of hCG required would be higher. At this stage don’t take any medicines without consulting your doctor as some medicines may lead to lowering levels of hCG hormones.

Higher hCG levels could be result of molar pregnancy or having more than one baby

In case of miscarriages, the hCG hormones need to go to pre-pregnancy levels of 5.0 mIU / ml and it is about 4 to 6 weeks process

Monitoring levels of hCG- Levels of hCG to be monitored during various weeks especially from week 4 to week 8 are very critical to the health of the baby and after week 8, the level of the hormones start to go down. Though there are indicative levels of the hormones required, there is no hard and fast rule as these vary from person to person. Keep consulting your doctor periodically as advised by the doctor to ensure the optimum levels of hCG and take corrective actions where required

I found a very good resource here that can help you stay updated on normal hCG levels during various weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy tests, reviews and implantation bleeding etc. Do visit this age to stay updated so that a lovely and healthy angel baby blesses the parenthood