Positive Parenting–Raising a healthy and a happy child


As parents, we need to abide by certain do’s to help provide a positive nurturing upbringing to our children. Let us see what these are—

Watch your behavior

Good parenting involves disciplining yourself as children are quick to learn from their parents. Its what parents do that has a lasting effect on their children.

So, it is important that you need to control your impulses and reactions keeping in view the results of such actions and reactions on your children.

Communicate, get involved in your children

As a parent, one needs to take sufficient time off from his or her busy schedules. This can also mean sacrificing your priorities.

And make sure to be present with your child not just physically but mentally too. Its the quantity of time you share with your children that matters most, rather than the quantity of time.

Children more important than work

You must let your child know that he or she is more important than work. Ask questions and give responsible answers to their questions. Don’t rebuke them for their queries.

Remember, giving your child the feeling that they are important is an instant dose of happiness for them and goes on to nurture health and happiness in him.

Teach your children

Most of the parents take it for granted that schooling is sufficient to teach them.

But, the fact is that apart from schooling, parents need to teach their children at home so that they become ready to face the world with confidence and fearlessness.

Set rules

You must manage behavior of your child at a young age, otherwise, he will find it difficult to adapt himself to learning as he becomes older and away from you.

As your child grows up, he will learn to do things on his own and make his individual choices.

Foster self-direction

Children love independence and its normal human tendency.

Let your child become independent to help him gain self-direction. This will go a long way in making him successful in life.