Preparing your teenager girl to deal with emotional downturns in life

Handling a teenager girl
Handling a teenager girl

The various phases in life have their own set of challenges. And when one is in the “teens” which is otherwise called as “adolescent phase” is quite tedious. For the parent it could be even more tedious because it is the parent who has to deal with the tantrums of this age along with the teenager. The challenges take a larger shape when it comes to a girl teenager.

Why is it different for the girl teenager?

It is different for girl teenager because, the developmental milestones are achieved faster in girls than the boys. There is generally a gap of 5 years between he two, which also means for a parent who is bringing up a girl teenager the “issues” would arise almost five years before the boy teenager.

This in turn indicates that a girl, who is in love or a relationship with a boy of her age or a little elder than her, will have different set of thoughts and feelings than a boy.

The kind of emotional issues teenager may face

  • She went for a summer camp or a small trip on one of the weekends, liked a boy there who reciprocated to her feelings, but, after coming back from their he has started ignoring your daughter.
  • She wants to look the “hottest” girl for the party this weekend but has developed a “pimple” at a very prominent spot on her face. She gets depressed for not meeting herself set standards.
  • She wanted to score highest marks for a test round the corner because she wants to catch the attention of a boy who prefers to have a studious girlfriend.
  • Suddenly she realizes that she is falling short of dresses and she just hates it

How to prepare her for emotional issues?

  • Intent listening: You need to listen to her problems intently to make her feel confident about you as a parent and not as a preacher, only then can she share her thoughts with you
  • Acceptance and Respect: impart respect to her problems and her individuality because at various points of time she might be feeling low in friend circle. Acceptance and respect from you will give her a comfortable home environment and she would be eager to come back to her nest.
  • Providing her with practical solutions: Instead of giving her theoretical solutions, you must come up with practical ones by replacing yourself in her shoes.
  • Assurance: When she is rejected by her “love” she needs a lot of assurance form your end so that she can regain her confidence.
  • Empathize rather than sympathizing: Understand her and never belittle her issues, live her age and time to be with her.
  • Be genuine: you must be a genuine parent who should underrate her thoughts exactly the way she wants them to convey to you.
  • Boost her confidence: This will prepare her to fight her life battles.

When she gets the required support from you, she will gain the confidence to fight back the emotional turns in her life and that is where you play a big role as a sensible.