Raising your girl child as Single Father

Single father raising a girl child
Single father raising a girl child

Raising children do not have any particular guidelines; though raising a girl child is a little different from how you would raise a male child. The task becomes little more challenging if you’re a single father.

You can read the following tips which can give you a closer idea to ways of bringing up your girl child.

Treat her equally

It is very important that you don’t scare your child by quoting things like “You can’t do such and such things because you’re a girl”. Never let her feel that her domain gets restricted merely because she has 2 X-chromosomes in all her cells.

Give her the confidence

It’s actually difficult for you to raise her up in the absence of her mother but ensure that you become the biggest source of her confidence. Keep boosting and praising her for whatever she does. After all, you’re preparing her for a tomorrow when girls will be exposed to even more competition than now.

Play the mother

This is something known to everyone that your child is only getting half parenting, so you have to double up the role and paly her mother at times so make her feel the same comfort her mother would have given her.

Be patient

Experts say that mothers are more patient than the fathers, so consciously you have to make an effort that you don’t lose your patience under any given circumstances.

Discuss her friends and school

Make it point that you are updated with every single development in her life. This is only possible when you speak to her regularly. Listen to all what she has to share; this will help you know her surroundings in your absence better. You can accordingly guide her through but make sure you don’t barge into her private life.

Make her comfortable

It is important that you share a relationship which would allow you to know about her physiological developments too. She should come and talk to you and you first about any changes in her body. Don’t give her a scope to move to others, she might get mislead.

Make her a decision maker

Ensure that she take decisions on her own. Ask for her opinion in everything you do especially at home front. Respect her opinion and comply with her decisions so that she feels confident about herself.

Parenting a girl child alone as a father is quite a challenging task, but you can meet it up successfully by being a little more rational and patient.