Single Parenting in the Modern Society


During the last few years nuclear family including mother, father and children has become very common. But compared to nuclear family single-parent families have become more popular. Today we find many kinds of single parent families, some guided by mothers; some are guided by fathers, few by a single grandparent looking after the grandchildren.

Single parenting in a house is at times very stressful for the parent as well as the children. Members often expect that the family should work like a double parent family, and also feel that something is not going on right when it does not do so. The single parent feel burdened with the responsibilities of the children along with carrying on with a job and managing the family expenses.

Disadvantages of Single parenting:

The financial condition as well as other resources of a family is decreased with the breakup between the parents. Single parent families are burdened with various pressures which are not found in the nuclear families.

Some of the mast common issues arising out of single parenting are:

  1. Custody problems relating to the children.
  2. Less quality time spent between the parents and children.
  3. Effects of the breakup upon the educational progress of the children.
  4. Hazards of the parents’ dating with new partners.
  5. Financial crisis caused due to division of financial assets.
  6. Dealing with children alone causes many mistakes which often lack rectification.
  7. Doing all household works alone often results in incomplete work.

How to solve these problems:

The single parent can easily solve these problems by communicating with the family about how they feel and working together. Even consulting an expert can be very beneficial.

Advantages of Single parenting:

There are many benefits of being raised in a single parent guided family. There are many lessons which children  growing up in single parent guided homes learn out of their lives. Some they learn specifically, while others they learn by observing their parents.

They learn lessons about the way to handle money matters. They are often compelled to save their own money or how to purchase within a definite budget.

Single parented house also gives opportunities to children to earn money. They learn the difference between necessities and desires.

Children learn to be responsible with the help of the daily responsibilities that are given upon them. Sometimes in such families it is allowed to children to solve many issues which ultimately help in their mental development as well.