Spend quality time with kids

Time spent with children

7th May: When it comes to spending time with your children, it is quality, rather than quantity, that counts.

So, no matter how much busy you might be, as parents, you need to take time out for being with your kids, not just physically but mentally too, experts suggest.

Remember, we don’t become parents simply by having children. Rather, staying connected with your kids in positive ways is the essence of good parenting.

Time spent with childrenSo, here are some wonderful ideas to spend quality time with your children—

  • Regular family time—Allocate any specific time as a regular family time. It can be a weekly or a daily time requiring all family members to be together. The only thing is that it should suit all the family members.
  • Eating together—Having meals together is the best form of spending quality time with your kids. It could be having lunch or dinner with your children. Use this time to interact with your kids and let them share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Talk with your children—Talk with your kids. It can be about the events taking place during the day. Encourage them to relate and narrate their views. It goes a lot in increasing interaction between parents and their children.
  • Enjoy—Indulge in activities that make your children laugh and enjoy. You can crack jokes or play cards, play sports together.
  • Going out together—Spending time outdoors with your children is a great way to be with them. You can enjoy any game outdoors, go to a picnic, participate in religious services or family volunteering.
  • Story telling—Ah, the very idea of narrating a story to our children brings back the memories of our own childhood. Believe, it is a great way to be with your children and help them better their lives.
  • Don’t limit to play, television—When trying to be with your kids, you don’t just need to play with them or tune to any television program. Rather, it should be something constructive. You can talk with them about what happened in their school to know their feelings.
  • Ideas from kids—You can always ask your kids about how to spend quality time with them. By doing so, you will be able to get their view point.