The role of parents’ relationship on children’s behavior

Parents and Children
Parents and Children

The key to the happiness of a family revolves around the parents and specially the mother.

Yes, many would agree to the fact that, a happy couple and especially a happy mother would be the source of happiness to a child.

The multifarious impact of a couple’s relationship

When a lady and a man become husband and wife, they are not only responsible for their own lives, but for even the generation to come. And this certainly means the children they are going to have out of the bond.

The impact of a happy relationship on the generations to come

  • The immediate children: A happy couple would be fostering and rising kids in a happy environment, so they would turn out to be content and confidant individuals.
  • The relationships of their children: These children will grow up to be a spouse who is calm and content and handles things as beautifully as they saw their parents handling, because they have learnt it from their parents.
  • Future happy parents: They will also make happy and positive parents because that is what they received from their own ones.
  • A happy member of the society: they will contribute positively to the society because they grew up in a tension free environment, so they will trust people and make others trust them too.

Who plays a larger role between the two parents?

Well, this could be a matter of debate though; many would strongly recommend the “mother”. Does this mean that the onus lies on the mother only?

No, it means that women by nature are learnt to be more tolerant and adjusting than their male counterparts. So, assumingly, the happiness of the family largely depends upon her temperament and attitude.

What if the mother is disturbed?

Children spend more time with their mother than father in most of the cases. And this is more prominent in the growing years of a child. This means that the personality of the child would be largely reciprocal to the one of the mother if you down consider the genetic factors for the moment. So, a disturbed mother can rarely provide a happy environment to the child when he or she needs it the most.

How can the father meet his responsibility?

If the attitude and personality of the mother is the factor for a child’s growth, then father has to ensure that his wife gets a congenial environment wherein she is appreciated, made to feel content and must be valued for the contributions she makes towards the family.

To conclude, we can say that, mother’s happiness is certainly a key factor to child development but at the same time, the father has to make efforts to keep this factor going. Neither the mother alone, nor the father can bring up a child in the desired manner. It has to be a joint effort wherein both have to strive to provide a healthy and beautiful childhood to the ones who have come to the earth because of their bond.