The skill of Modern day Parenting

Modern Day Parenting
Modern Day Parenting

The concept of parenting has changed in the society like many other concepts. If you sit down to make a comparison you will certainly realize that the “style, the way, the expectations and the need” has evolved. If it is for good or bad would be another matter of discussion.

However, we will take a comparatively look at the issues:

  • There was a time when the Television and the shows on it had a rare impact on the child and the parenting. These days, as a parent one has to be careful about the content of the show the child watches. And this includes the content of a cartoon show too. This means, even the cartoon can have an adverse impact due to improper information relayed on the same. Children start fanaticizing into the world of those cartoon characters.
  • In the last few decades the concept and need of working mother has become more prominent than the past, hence, leaving everyone to make more adjustments and making life all the more challenging. The brighter side of it is the “confident mother” who is bringing up children now makes the children even more confident. And of course, along comes the monetary support which the mother and provide to the child and the family making it better off than it used to be ever before.


  • The awareness has grown due to availability of information through various media. This is enough to keep the parents and children on their toe. Since children are readily getting most of the information, parents have to be more alert than before to filter and check the same.
  • The awareness also allows the parents to save more for the future of their children so that they can give them more and more security.

The challenge:

A thorough study indicates that the “modern parenting” is more demanding in terms of skills and creativity. And this is because; children are exposed to so many advanced technologies that they start finding a comfort zone in them. Along with, they are exposed to the kind of information which could be quite early in life for them. Hence, if you look at “addiction rates, depression rates” in children you may get scared too, and this includes the teens too.

The role of parents:

They have to be multitasking more than their parents were. They have to balance the work and life because neither can they afford to earn less nor can they ignore the kids. Both being equally important, parents really have to be smart enough to handle all possible roles.

Parenting is a huge task for an individual for the reason it includes various parameters. And in the modern times, it has become even more challenging due to much encroachment of technology in our lives. At every step parents need to be alert and have to filter the information reaching their children. Unless, it is done so, there is every possibility that the child may fall into a trap.