Ways to handle post-delivery blues

Post delivery blues
Post delivery blues

Have you been recently blessed with a child? That’s great news. But then, are you feeling low and sometimes irritant too? There is nothing to feel bad even if the answer to these questions is yes.

Holding a baby in the womb for nine prolonged months is a task which only a woman can perform, not because she is physiologically designed to do so but because she is the only creature on this earth with unparalleled patience.

After you have delivered a child, there would a lot of changes in your body and kite both, some of them are written as below

Physiological changes

The equation of hormone secretion in your body has become different from what it used to be till few days back, so automatically you’ll see variety of things changing in your body, so don’t feel scared and tensed about it. Give it sometime; you can again tone down your body after you have recovered from the pain of delivering the baby.

Emotional changes

On one hand you will feel happy that you’ve become a mother, on the other hand you might feel low, depressed, anxious, irritant and lost. All these feelings come to you, because you’ve lost your physical freedom, you’re entangled in this new set of responsibilities, which restrict you from being as free as you used to be.

Also the child may not allow you to sleep overnight, so sleeplessness would make you intolerant and irritant. These feelings are quite normal and they survive only for a few weeks to a few months’ time.

Feeling of being caught

There was a time when you moved according to your own wishes, now everything depends upon your child’s routine. In such a case it’s quite normal to feel that you’re caught.


You may feel guilty for taking your child as a “caught factor” for you. There is nothing wrong in it; it doesn’t make you a cruel mother. So take it easy.

Blessing of carrying a child and bringing him or her on this earth is an achievement in itself, yet such miserable feeling s cannot be helped. Even if they come to your mind, there is nothing wrong in it. After all, you’re an individual first and then a mother. Every mother tries to play her role best in her best capability and with best of intentions, yet these feelings will keep coming in till the time your baby grows and you get back to the normal ends of your life.